Sleep Disorder Diagnosis

Dusk till Dawn offers Sleep Studies in the comfort of your home. The sleep study is easy and comfortable and enables you to sleep in your own bed.

There are 2 types of sleep studies that can be conducted in your own home environment:

  • Level 2 PSG – (Full Comprehensive Home Sleep Study):
    This is an in home sleep study requiring a referral by your GP. If you meet the Medicare criteria your sleep study will be bulk billed. The Level 2 Sleep Study Procedure is a comprehensive study which records a multitude of data including brain activity, heart rate, airflow, respiratory effort, arousals, and oxygen saturation.

  • Level 2 PSG – Medicare criteria not met:
    Patients can still have a Sleep Study if they don't meet the Medicare criteria, however a private fee applies.

  • Level 3 – Sleep Apnoea Screening Test:
    This is a simple take home test that is ideal for simple cases and those that do not qualify for a Medicare rebate. It is not as comprehensive and is used as screening for uncomplicated sleep apnoea, this is not able to diagnose other sleep disorders, i.e. No brain activity recordings are accessed. A private fee applies.

All Sleep Levels of Studies performed at Dusk till Dawn are professionally set up, scored by Sleep Scientists and reported on by Sleep and respiratory Physicians.

How we can help

The first step is to print off a referral form and then visit your doctor to have the sleep study referral completed.
Otherwise contact us for more information or to book an appointment.